Free Software

As a member of the Free Software Foundation, I advocate for free (libre) software. Free and open source software is not just practical for developers, it is best for the users. My software is generally released under the AGPL.


People must be protective of their data, as corporations and governments have shown repeatedly that they do not care for you, or your privacy. Briefly, I recommend everyone follow the recommendations at PrivacyTools.io. At minimum you should ditch Google Chrome and Gmail, and run a script blocker (my favorite is uBlock Origin). The Pi-hole project is an ingenious network-wide ad blocker that works at the DNS level, and you can run it on a Raspberry Pi.


While I have tried many editors, every time I find my way back to Emacs. If you’re curious, here is my .emacs.d.


Currently I work at Microsoft as a Linux systems programmer, primarily developing the Open Enclave SDK. Previously, I ported Mesos to Windows (surprisingly), and put PowerShell not just on Linux, but open source on GitHub.

University of Idaho

I attended the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho from Fall 2011 until my graduation in Spring 2015. I transferred in to become a Computer Science major, and fell in love with programming. I soon added a Mathematics major as I find the subject just as enticing. My favorite classes included Compiler and Translator Design, Abstract Algebra, Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Computation, Cryptography, and Video Games and Evolution.


I am often available on Freenode as fsf/member/andschwa.

GitHub project related questions should be submitted as issues to the relevant repository.

You can send encrypted messages to me via Keybase, or download my PGP key 7DB2898B.

Unless you’re a recruiter, feel free to email me at andrew@schwartzmeyer.com.

Share files with me via Nextcloud, email me for my ID.


This site is built with Hugo and hosted on Netlify. I built the theme from scratch, and it is still under development. The fonts are:

Lots of theme inspiration came from Pete Keen.

All site scripts and fonts are served locally, with the exception of embedded content in some posts. No ads nor third-party trackers are used.

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